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Europe closed 2017 with a discussion at the Euro Summit on the future of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and banking union. There was wide consensus among European leaders regarding the need to complete banking union, in order that it might realise its full potential as a cornerstone of a strong EMU and complement the Cap…

Reflection on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union. Reviewing the G-SIBs framework. Improving the supervisory regime. Assessment of the regulatory framework. CMU mid-term revision. US Treasury report. Fostering financial innovation and Resolution: At the moment of truth.

The euro zone continues to grow at a modest pace, thanks to the resilience of domestic demand. The strength of private consumption was joined by a certain recovery in investment at the end of 2015, despite the worsening of confidence and the mo…

The estimates carried out reveal the heterogeneous transmission of monetary policy in the European Monetary Union (EMU) via the analysis of the determinants of retail credit interest rates. All the countries form their prices based on the offic…