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March 22, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 22 March 2019

Highlights: EU Council and Parliament reach deal on ESFS. BCBS issues Basel III monitoring report. EBA updates impact of Basel III reforms, agrees template MoU for no-deal Brexit and issues updated O-SIIs list. ESMA issues several statements for a no-deal Brexit. EMMI consults on recommendations for EONIA.

March 15, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 15 March 2019

Highlights: BCBS issues report on the interaction of regulatory instruments, and on crypto-assets. ECB issues statements on euro short-term rate. EU Council and Parliament agree on EMIR revision for CCP supervision. EBA issues clarification on API under PSD2 and report on high earners. FCA issues statements preparing for a …

March 8, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 8 March 2019.

Highlights: BCBS and IOSCO issue statement on margin requirements. EBA issues guidelines on LGD estimation, recommendation on deposit protection after Brexit and consults on funding plans. EU TEG consults on green bond standards. BOE issues RDLs on the macroprudential authority and Brexit contingency plans. FRB issues state…

March 1, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 1 March 2019

Highlights: ESMA to recognise UK CSD post Brexit. ECB issues feedback on ESTER’s consultation. EBA issues valuation handbook for resolution, and consults CRM for advanced IRB models. EU Parliament and Council agree many initiatives. BoE, FCA and CFTC issue statement on post-Brexit derivatives clearing and trading. US Agenci…

February 15, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 15 February 2019

Highlights: EU ambassadors conclude CRDV negotiation. FSB issues its 2019 work programme. EMMI publishes summary of responses to Euribor consultation. EC issues list of countries with weak AML/CFT. EDPB issues opinion on data transfer. ESRB issues recommendations on reciprocation of large exposure limits. US Treasury issues…

July 13, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 13 July 2018

ECB announces a series of measures for NPLs. ESRB and SRB issue their annual reports. ESMA consults on clearing obligations, and issues statement on Brexit. Spanish Ministry of Economy issues draft law for the sandbox regulation. UK government issues Brexit white paper. US Agencies issue joint statement on the application o…

July 6, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 6 July 2018

BCBS revises the GSIB assessment methodology, and issues technical amendment to NSFR. EBA publishes ITS package for benchmarking exercise. ESMA clarifies clearing obligations for PSAs. CNMV approves Circular on periodic reporting by issuers. PRA consults on proposal for leverage ratio framework. FRB and FDIC consult on reso…

June 29, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 29 June 2018

EBA consults on guidelines on outsourcing, and issues opinion on banks’ preparation for Brexit. ECB announces methodology to calculate ESTER. ESMA issues opinion on CCPs liquidity risk assessment. BoE published its financial stability report. Finally, FRB published the stress test results (CCAR).