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December 19, 2018

Mexico Economic Outlook. Fourth quarter 2018

Global economy. Mexico, Economic Activity. Downward rigidity of core inflation and restrictive stance of Banxico. 2019 public accounts and budget. External accounts. Domestic assets are being affected by the new administration’s decisions.

November 5, 2018

Uruguay Economic Outlook. Second half-year 2018

The crisis in Argentina differs significantly from the one that occurred in 2002, and Uruguay is much better prepared to face it and avoid a significant contagion. We have revised the economic growth downwards due to a cooling of consumption, lack of dynamism in private investment and a drop in exports as a result of the dr…

May 9, 2018

Uruguay Economic Outlook. First half 2018

Uruguay: growth slows, but investment expected to pick up. Downward revision of growth in Uruguay due to the effect of the drought on the agricultural and livestock sector and hydroelectric generation. Private consumption slows due to slacker pace of increase in real wages.