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April 16, 2019

Portugal | Growth outlook for the two-year period revised down

After Portuguese GDP grew at an average rate of 2 .1% YoY during 2018, BBVA Research forecasts that its growth rate will moderate to around 1.5% in 2019. This scenario is in a context of a slowing global economy, particularly in Europe. Even so, the recovery will continue, supported by positive momentum in domestic demand, …

July 29, 2016

Spain | Balance of payments continued to show financing capacity until May

The balance of payment registered a surplus of 4.267 millions of euros in May, which, on the positive side, was explained by tourism and the lower energetic deficit. The financing account registered a net capital outflow of 35.273 millions of euros after excluding the Bank of Spain. This occurred due to a rise in outward i…

June 30, 2016

Spain | Trade flows improve while financial investment flows worsen in April

The balance of payments registered a 2671 million of euro superavit, which can be explained through the positive balance in tourism and a lower energetic deficit. Good exports recovered dynamism at the start of 2T16, while imports fell back (2,0% and -2,0% MoM cvec). The fall in investment flows resulted in an influx of cap…