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Avocado is one of Mexico's main consumption and export products. We estimate the GDP of avocado from 2018 to 2022 by the production method using a deterministic approximation and official sources. The results are consistent with the growth that the product has experienced in production and monetary value in recent years.

Lima's Consumer Price Index fell 0.11% m/m in August, in line with our expectations and the market (Bloomberg Consensus: -0.08% m/m), the second lowest figure so far this year. With this result, year-on-year inflation decreased to 1.7%, compared to 1.9% the previous month.

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Consumer prices increased by 0.03% in June, lower than consensus but slightly higher than ours (0.2% Bloomberg vs. -0.15% BBVA Research). Supported by the base effects, annual inflation declined to 15.7% from 18.7% in May.

Consumer prices increased 2.61% (mom) in June, remarkably higher than expectations. Thus, annual consumer inflation hit 15.4%, the highest level since December 2003, up from 12.2% in May. Assuming no additional negative currency shock, we estim…

Consumer inflation recorded 0.99% (mom) in March, in line with the market expectation (1%) but higher than ours (0.75%) on the discrepancy due to surprising food inflation.Recent exchange rate depreciation, upward risks on growth and high inert…