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Israel, under U.S. pressure, adjusts Gaza tactics to minimize civilian casualties and aid the return of displaced persons. This shift from intense southern operations aims to balance military goals with ethical standards, highlighting the U.S. emphasis on avoiding strategic losses through civilian protection.

The UN Security Council passed a resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan, calling for the release of all hostages. With the US abstaining, 14 members applauded the resolution, which aims to alleviate the conflict and humanitarian crisis, receiving mixed reactions from Palestinian and Israeli officials.

The Israel PM denies the United States request of stopping Rafah’s offensive. The UN wants to alert Israel about the necessity of a ceasefire due to the disastrous humanitary consequences. For its part, the United States abstained from voting a…

Israeli PM Netanyahu rejected President Biden's request to halt a ground assault on Rafah, Gaza's last refugee area, housing over a million displaced individuals. Netanyahu stated the mission to eliminate battalions in Rafah necessitates ground…

Israel probes an airstrike in Gaza for possibly killing Hamas's deputy military leader amidst ongoing conflict, with Ramadan approaching. The US presidential race heats up as Nikki Haley exits the Republican race and Dean Phillips leaves the De…

Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters are clashing, with Israel conducting airstrikes, including on a building with the Palestinian Islamic National Bank. The US, UN, Egypt, S. Arabia, and Jordan seek a ceasefire, with US VP Kamala Harris advocating for an immediate end to hostilities and urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Israel's military plans to withdraw five combat brigades from Gaza, aiming to reinforce for future battles. Recent strikes killed 100, injured 286. Palestinian PM Shtayyeh resigned on Feb 26, 2024, amid tensions over post-war plans for Gaza following Israel's military campaign against Hamas.

Ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict escalates; 29,092 Palestinians killed, 69,028 injured in Gaza since Oct 7. UN Security Council fails to reach consensus in emergency session. Yemen’s Houthi rebels attack US drone, British ship. Russian opposition …

Israel's rescue operation in Rafah freed two hostages, resulting in 67 Palestinian deaths. The conflict's toll rises, with UNRWA under scrutiny. Guterres calls for renewed aid, as Hamas evaluates intel, and Egypt faces pressure over safe corrid…

Israeli forces raided Hamas Khan Yunis Brigade HQ, dismantling a major compound. UN is reviewing UNRWA, and international efforts seek a ceasefire. Secretary Blinken returns to the Middle East.

The deadliest attack on Israeli forces in Gaza since the war's onset killed 21 soldiers, escalating the Israel-Gaza conflict. Calls for a ceasefire intensified, involving the CIA, Israeli Intelligence, and Qatar. The ICJ ruled against Israel for potential genocide, criticized by Israel, complicating peace efforts.

Israel intensifies military operations against Hamas in Gaza, with over 25,000 Palestinian deaths. The Israeli Defense Minister seeks a post-conflict diplomatic solution, aiming to dismantle Hamas and free Israeli hostages. Meanwhile, international efforts focus on establishing a plan for a Palestinian State.