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May 31, 2021

Colombia | Recovery in the middle of a challenging environment

The greater dynamics in global growth is an important factor in the economic recovery process in Colombia, which presents favorable growth in the first quarter of 2021. However, recent economic and political events have created new challenges for the economy and employment generation.

May 27, 2021

Colombia | A month to forget and keep on building the recovery

In the month of May, the economic growth of the first quarter of 2021 was known, surprising with levels close to the GDP of the end of 2019. However, the different negative events that occurred throughout the month require quick solutions to avoid disrupting the dynamism and recovery of the beginning of the year.

January 12, 2021

Colombia | Private consumption in 2020

Despite the drop in overall consumption by the pandemic in 2020, private consumption gradually recovered from its low in April, in part due to changes in consumer habits in a heterogeneous national recovery. In addition, a gradual improvement in consumption is expected by 2021.

December 28, 2020

Colombia | Three Christmas requests

There are expectations of a gradual recovery, however, if we seek an accelerated recovery in 2021, a series of strategies must be taken, which will manage to strengthen biosafety measures, labor market conditions and the confidence of the population regarding the measures taken. by the government.

December 3, 2020

Colombia | A path to walk together: Gender inclusion, recovery and sustainable growth

In Colombia there is a significant gender gap, especially for sectors of the labor market with high female participation, when analyzing the history it is obtained that the pandemic exacerbated this inequity, so it is necessary to work on policies that promote female inclusion to confront the deterioration.

October 29, 2020

Colombia | The path of gradual recovery with great opportunities and challenges

Colombia is already in the process of recovery. Low interest rates and government policies will help reactivate private demand. The fiscal effort should focus on the activities with the most impulse over the others.

September 16, 2020

Peru | Normalization of activity continued in July, but tends to peter out

Output fell in July by 11,7% YoY, a more moderate print than those observed in previous months, reflecting the gradual resumption of economic activity (phase 3 began in July).
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August 6, 2020

Colombia | The challenge of building the recovery

The economic challenges for President Duque's remaining term are great and urgent, given the need to provide welfare for those who have lost their jobs and sources of income to the virus. Although the Government has acted swiftly to reach the most vulnerable, recovery measures need to be expedited.