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In the 2024-I quarter, on average, the population in labor poverty was able to cover only 42.3% of the food basket with their labor income. In Baja California, Guerrero and Oaxaca, people in labor poverty can purchase less than 1/3 of the food basket.

This note contains some relevant characteristics and results of the recently published National Survey on Financial Health (Ensafi) 2023, carried out to understand all the aspects that can define the state of financial health of adults in Mexico.

The labor poverty indicator in Mexico was 35.8% during the first quarter of 2024, reaching its lowest level in nearly 17 years, specifically, since the third quarter of 2007, when it was 35.2%.

In commemoration of International Earth Day, we present an analysis of the current water situation in Mexico. This analysis highlights the geographical, sectoral, structural, and temporary characteristics that have given rise to the current wat…

The average real wages of formal workers in Mexico have shown notable growth, accompanied by a significant improvement in workers' purchasing power, especially in the lowest income deciles, which indicates progress towards lower wage inequality.