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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are developing and permeating our society for the purpose of helping us to achieve our goals more effectively and ease the way toward the challenges in store.

The aim of the Watch is to point out the importance of ICT in developing and emerging countries from a demand-side perspective. We find that having a cell phone and internet access are gaining importance among individuals’ basic needs. Younger people consider ICT-related needs more basic than older people do.

The use of ICT at home has spread extensively throughout Europe, albeit with differing intensity in each country. Based on Eurostat data, this observatory outlines the importance of computer use, of the internet and its ends during the recent r…

La nueva economía, fuertemente basada en las tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones (TIC), está avanzando exponencialmente en los últimos años.

Information and communication technologies (ITC) are a major growth driver for the global economy, as the interaction between agents is increasingly based on these instruments, especially Internet.

The so-called digital economy, understood as that economy based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), has developed out of the incorporation into society of the Internet phenomenon. The incorporation of new and improved tools in communication and information has affected the behaviour of all economic agents.

The study of the process of this phenomenon can be conducted on either the supply or the demand side. On the supply side, innovation is one of the main pillars underpinning economic growth in countries (Schumpeter,1910; Romer, 1995). On the demand side, there is an abundance of literature, that develops the theories of tech…

In this issue we focus on: The digital transformation of banking; The Indian digital ID programme; Final compromise text of the PSD2; The Payment Systems Regulator; and ICT’s contribution to economic growth.

In this issue we focus on: A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe; Electronic identification for the digital market; Crowdfunding regulation in Spain; Technology to extend financial access; and The digital economy: hares or tortoises.