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FC adjusted weekly credit growth accelerated strongly from 0.1% to 1.6% in the week ending by May 24th mainly due to both consumer and commercial credits in private banks.

Foreign currency adjusted weekly credit growth decelerated further to 0.3% in the week ending by May 10th. This is due to both commercial and consumer credits in public banks. Total credits’ 13-week annualized trend fell from 36.4% to 35.1%.

Foreign currency adjusted weekly credit growth decelerated to 0.5% on the week ending at May 3rd following the strong increase of 1.5% in the previous week. This is due to both commercial and consumer credits in the whole sector. Total credits’…

The PBoC unexpectedly cut the 5-year loan prime rate by the largest amount today while maintaining the one-year loan prime rate which is deemed to be the policy rate unchanged.

Growth in 2023 is revised upwards to 2.4% and downwards in 2024 to 2.1%. The improvement is explained by statistical revisions and export developments. There are doubts about the sustainability of the pace of expansion and job creation in 2024,…

GDP growth is revised upwards in 2022 and 2023 to 5.5% and 1.6%, respectively, and downwards in 2024 to 2.6%. The Spanish economy is holding up better than expected, although persistent inflation and the expectation of higher interest rates worsen the growth scenario for next year.

Using simple calculations based on the figures published in the 2021–2024 Updated Stability Program (SP), it is clear that, with the assumptions contained in the SP, we will need a very ambitious roadmap to change certain long-term trends in public accounts.

Last Thursday, a day of panic across markets with plummeting stock markets and investors seeking refuge in low-risk assets, and after the World Health Organization had declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the ECB strengthened its efforts in ter…

We expect output to grow by 3,1% in 2020, a forecast which is similar to the one we made in October, while in 2021 economic activity would grow by 3,5%. The main drivers will be the normalisation of primary activities (mining) and public spendi…

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The Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT) decreased the policy rate by 200 bps to 12% from 14%, slightly higher than market expectation of 150 bps. Global Central Banks Dovishness remain supportive but we think that complacency should be ruled out and…

The publication of world debt data, compiled by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) from various sources, estimates that debt increased again in the second quarter of 2019, reaching 320% of GDP worldwide.

Several days ago, and for the third time this year, the Fed reduced the federal funds rate target range by 25 basis points to a range of between 1.5% and 1.75%. It is very unlikely that it will lower rates again in December.