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During the third quarter, the Colombian economy grew 7.0% YoY. Domestic demand continued to lead GDP dynamics, with a significant acceleration in fixed investment that offset the moderation of the expansionary cycle of final consumption. We expect 2022 growth to be around 8%.

Purchases of machinery and equipment, excluding transport, have performed well during the recovery period. The import analysis indicates an acceleration in the transition towards a productive and green energy-intensive model, together with a promotion of automation and digitalization.

A specific tax on banks leads to an equilibrium with less credit and a higher cost, lower growth in activity and employment, and lower revenues than initially expected.

Madrid's GDP grew by 5,0% in 2021. But the war in Ukraine and sanctions reduce growth expectations. Thus, Madrid GDP is expected to increase by 4,3% in 2022 and 2,6 in 2023%. By the end of 2023, GDP could recover the level of 2019.

The Spanish economy has been in turmoil for a couple of years now. Despite this, investment has already recovered to the levels of the 4Q2019 and even the purchase of machinery and equipment is 17% more than that observed more than two years ag…

Despite the expectations created at the end of 2020, the Plan's impact on the National Accounts was slow in 2021 — though this is expected to accelerate in 2022 and 2023. The challenge now is to invest wisely in projects which will drive and transform the economy.

Home sales have been rallying since the second half of 2020, yet supply is barely growing. If the factors behind the sector’s sluggish recovery are not promptly addressed, the resulting pressure will push prices even higher.

In the first quarter, GDP grew 8.5% year-over-year and 1% quarter-over-quarter. Consumption remained a good dynamic driven by spending on durable and semi-durable goods and the services sector. Investment, which performed well, was driven by th…

GDP growth in Castile and Leon could slow to 2.9% in 2022 and 2.1% in 2023. The impact of the invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions imposed on Russia and the increase in prices of raw materials and, above all, fuels, are weighing more heavily on g…

In 2021, GDP grew 10.6% over 2020 and 2.8% respect to 2019, driven mainly by final consumption. Fixed investment, although it expanded above GDP, still failed to regain its pre-pandemic levels. We maintain our 2022 growth forecast at 4.0%.

The economy is recovering strongly, as confirmed by both third quarter growth data and our real-time indicators as of the third week of November. The protagonist of this recovery is both private and public consumption.

Spain is among the eurozone countries with the lowest productivity and least investment in intangibles. In the future, it must make use of digitization and NGEU funds to increase intangible assets, particularly R&D and training of human capital — essential for driving productivity.