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September 18, 2018

Global | Solid global growth, but moderating amid heightened risks

Global growth moderates, but remains in line with our GDP growth projections of 3.8% for 2018. Manufacturing activity has lost momentum and the impact from protectionism is starting to weigh on confidence, global trade and investment. Risks have also heightened over the summer due to political uncertainty and idiosyncratic …

July 6, 2016

Spain | The atony in industrial production continued in May

In May, industrial production fell by 0,5% MoM cvec, confirming the lack of dynamism observed since the beginning of the year. The production components continue to show mixed signals, from which the adjustments in equipment goods (-2,0% MoM cvec) and durable consumption goods evolutions (+2,1% m/m CVEC) stand out.

June 7, 2016

Spain | Industrial production stagnated in April, but not in all its components

In line with what was expected, industrial production registered no growth in April after the positive adjustment in March (1,3% MoM cvec). Nevertheless, production components continue to show mixed signals out of which equipment goods stands out positively (1,7% MoM cvec) while durable consumption goods does it negatively …

May 6, 2016

Spain | March closes a quarter in which industrial production increased progressively

After two sluggish months, industrial production (IPI) was corrected upwards in March (1,2% MoM cvec), preventing a fall for the whole of 1Q16 (0,1% t/t cvec). Despite the upturn at the end of the quarter, IPI's components moderated their quarterly growth, among which the energetic one stood out (-0,9% QoQ cvec), having thr…

April 7, 2016

Spain | Industrial production did not fulfill the improvement expectatives in February

Industrial production (IPI) registered a second consecutive marginal fall (-0,2% MoM CVEC) in February, which entails a worse than expected behaviour. The majority of the IPI components evolved negatively, among which the energetic (-1,1% MoM CVEC) stood out, consolidating the negative trend observed since the second semes…

February 8, 2016

Spain | The advance in industrial production (IPI) slows down at the end of 2015

Industrial production (IPI) behaved worse than expected in December, consolidating the slowdown throughout the second half of 2015. However, the trend remains positive in most of the components.

January 11, 2016

Spain | Industrial production (IPI) consolidated its positive trend until November

Industrial production (IPI) behaved as expected in November, consolidating the observed trend since 2013. Nevertheless, some mixed signals among the production components can still be observed.

December 4, 2015

Spain | The trend in industrial production (IPI) remains positive in October

Industrial production (IPI) behaved better than expected in October, consolidating the upward trend observed since 2013. However, some mixed signals remain among components production