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After a long working life, in the collective imaginary is to retire with dignity and move to a quiet place and with good weather: sun, sea, beach, etc. Not everyone will achieve this idyllic dream, but there are a group of people who are doing it: the Baby Boomer retirement migrants.

In 2020, there were 35,046 Baby Boomer retirement migrants residing in Mexico. More than half are from the U.S., followed by Spain and Canada, 3 out of 5 are men, 4 out of 5 are between 60 and 79 years old, more than half have bachelor's, specialty, master’s, or doctoral studies.

The reform proposal is correct and constitutes a step in the right direction. The SHCP would propose adjustments to the current regime in order to increase coverage and replacement rates of IMSS pensions

The public pension system is a basic pillar of the welfare state. The Spanish system is perfectly viable and sustainable, provided that it adapts to ongoing economic, social and demographic changes in Spanish society.

The conservative Jair Bolsonaro has beaten the left-winger Fernando Haddad in the second round of the presidential elections held last Sunday 28 October. He will therefore be the Brazilian president during the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 D…

We had a pensions week in Colombia to mark the Congress of Asofondos and the FIAP in Cartagena. It is an important issue in our country and in the world.

Recently, the possibility of introducing a tax on financial transactions (FTT) as a way to cover part of the pension deficit has come up again in the Spanish public debate. These types of fees are applied to some types of monetary transactions, such as purchases of securities or stock market flotations.

El sistema público de pensiones es un pilar básico del Estado de bienestar. El sistema de pensiones en España es perfectamente viable y sostenible, siempre que se adapte a los continuos cambios económicos, sociales y demográficos que experiment…

Desde 2013 se ha producido un intenso proceso de creación de empleo. Tras destruir un 17,1% de la afiliación a la Seguridad Social desde Julio de 2007 a Febrero de 2013, se ha recuperado ya el 68,3% de la afiliación destruida (Junio 2017).

In recent weeks, we have learned of certain initiatives to repeal the reform of the 2013 pensions system, its revaluation mechanism and the sustainability factor (which kicks in from 2019), as well as others to raise pensions by 1.2% in 2017, w…

El agotamiento del Fondo de Reserva de la Seguridad Social, previsiblemente en 2017, ha vuelto a plantear la necesidad de adoptar nuevas medidas para reducir el déficit existente, fortalecer su sostenibilidad y asegurar la suficiencia de las pensiones futuras, un pilar fundamental del Estado de bienestar que hay que preserv…

The persistent Social Security deficit and the continuous tapping of the Reserve Fund, which has dropped 62% from the 66.8 billion of 2011, has spurred another intense debate about the viability of Spain’s pension system.