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August 27, 2018

Argentina | Real Estate and Construction Outlook 2018

Exchange rates over the past few years have had a positive impact on the real estate sector, yet recent currency upheaval has given rise to a considerable deterioration in accessibility conditions. Even so, the slowdown should prove to be only fleeting and there is not likely to be any huge increase in the supply of propert…

March 27, 2018

China | How resilient is the economy to housing price fall?

Real estate fluctuations have important implications for growth and business cycles in China. We investigate how vulnerable are four economic sectors including government, banking, enterprises and households to the prospective price slowdown in the housing market by analyzing the exposure of these sectors on the housing mar…

January 4, 2016

Spain | The fundamentals of residential demand consolidate price stability

Residential demand continued to be supported by a good performance of the fundamentals, with mortgage financing and employment as particularly important drivers. Housing starts fell briefly in an environment of price stabilisation. Thus in 3Q15 prices rose, above all on the coast and in large metropolitan areas.