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February 27, 2020

Spain | Uncertainty continues to affect the evolution of the real estate market

Last December home sales contracted again and 2019 was the first year of falling sales since the beginning of the recovery in 2014. In response, house prices grew less sharply in the last quarter of the year. Meanwhile, visa signatures fell in November

July 29, 2019

Spain Real Estate Outlook. July 2019

Home sales lost traction in 1H19 despite positive demand determinants. At the same time, construction activity maintained its growth trend. Housing price showed an upward trend, especially for new housing. The market shows a high regional heterogeneity

May 10, 2018

Real Estate Situation Spain. May 2018

In 2017 the real estate sector grew for the fourth year in a row, posting most dynamism in regions that had not led the recovery, partly thanks to the healthy demand for secondary residences. In 2018 the sector will continue to evolve unevenly among regions and will show more moderate growth rates, as indicated by the first…

January 9, 2018

Spain Real Estate Outlook. January 2018

Without knowing the data for the last quarter, it could be said that the balance of the real estate sector in 2017 has been positive, thanks to the foundations on which it continues to be based. The uncertainty of the events in Catalonia and some slightly worse-than-expected data will influence the evolution of the market, …

January 5, 2018

Chile | Real Estate Outlook 2017-2018: We see no misalignment in house prices

The price adjustment we anticipated in our previous report materialised in 2017. Today we do not see significant misalignment in house prices. In the residential sector, an upturn in demand would make it possible to reduce the price gap with respect to its fundamentals, backed by favourable financing conditions and improved…