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As the economic recession takes its toll on employment, banking credit granted to the private sector and total deposits slowed down from April's highs. However, the Mexican banking system has a resilient capitalization profile to withstand the hardship of the current scenario as stressed by the Financial Stability Council.

We are currently in the midst of the worst economic crisis that Mexico has experienced in modern times. This has resulted in the sharpest declines in history and deeper impacts than those seen in 1995. Construction is not exempt, and the economic depression that the sector has been experiencing since 2018 has worsened.

A generalized fall, but still with opportunities. The sectoral structure has been maintained despite the economic contraction. Sectoral mix sets the tone for state performance.

Services decelerate and industry falls in 2019. Foreign Direct Investment in the Southeast, USMCA will boost Bajío and North.

The transformation toward the new digital economy, characterized by mobile Internet access and the use of the cloud, has resulted in lower investment in ICT capital goods and increased access to this technology through pay-to-use services.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form a fundamental part of the business fabric, in Spain and throughout the EU. They account for more than 90% of the total number of businesses in the EU, provide 70% of its jobs and contribute nearly 50% of its added value. For this reason any setback suffered can end up having co…

La caída de la demanda interna en España durante la crisis ha empujado a muchas empresas a buscar nuevos mercados. A pesar del éxito relativo que ha sido el crecimiento de las exportaciones españolas, la reducida dimensión de la empresa nacional representa una de las barreras clave que impide un mayor nivel de internacional…

La crisis financiera internacional se ha reflejado en un aumento de los tipos de interés del nuevo crédito en todas las carteras, en particular en los países periféricos y en los préstamos a pymes.

La crisis financiera internacional se ha reflejado en un aumento de los tipos de interés del nuevo crédito a las empresas, en particular en los países periféricos y en el caso de las pymes. En este documento se analiza la formación de los …

La mejora en la financiación de las pymes es clave, por su importancia en la economía española.