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The once-every-five-years Third Plenary Session of 20th Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) always has a potential to become a milestone moment in China’s history.

The 2023 July Politburo meeting analyzed the economic situation and pointed out the policy direction in the short and long term.

Royal Decree-Law 32/2021 makes the permanent seasonal contract more flexible. Although they accounted for barely one in ten permanent contracts, these contracts increased by 74.3% monthly (adjusted for seasonality) last month and doubled compar…

The outlook in Latin America in recent weeks has been marked by general elections in Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay. This is in addition to extensive protests in Ecuador and Chile.

Structural reforms since they usually involve a transfer of income that leads to the groups negatively affected mobilising to prevent them. Governments then have to decide how to manage that pain and when: with a large number of measures concen…

Budget balances and public debt in Spain showed clear signs of unsustainability between 2009 and 2011. Despite the fiscal consolidation implemented since then, the increase in public debt has also considerable costs in terms of GDP, employment and private investment.

We analyse the fiscal policy lessons from the recent recession in the Spanish economy and the options for the future. Our results indicate that budget balance and public debt trends showed clear signs of unsustainability between 2009 and 2011, with few alternatives available other than reducing the fiscal deficit.

Los vientos de cola que venía disfrutando América Latina hasta el año 2013 siguen amainando y con ellos, las perspectivas de corto y largo plazo para la región, por lo menos mientras no se aborde con decisión el impulso a la productividad a tra…

Bachelet prometió en la campaña cambios en educación, fiscalidad, energía y productividad.

Continuar con políticas prudentes está descontado en los grandes números pero falta pensar más integralmente en una agenda de reformas estructurales