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January 21, 2016

Spain | Trade deficit grows despite improvement in the energy balance

In November, real good exports and imports behaved slightly better than pointed by central forecasts. Nevertheless, the accumulated deficit in the trade balance grew despite the improvement in the energy balance.

December 22, 2015

España | El déficit de la balanza comercial cae a pesar de la atonía de las exportaciones

Tanto las exportaciones reales de bienes como las importaciones se comportaron en octubre algo peor que lo esperado. Sin embargo, el déficit acumulado en la balanza comercial disminuyó debido, principalmente, a la reducción de la factura energética

November 19, 2015

Spain | September trade balance shows an improvement of trade in 3Q15

Both real exports and imports of goods recovered in September, closing the third quarter in positive territory. The accumulated trade balance deficit slightly increased again, despite the reduction of the energy bill

September 14, 2015

Spain | Potential channels of contagion of economic shocks in China and Greece

China and Greece face the worsening of their growth expectations. Given the low importance of trade flows with both countries, the effect of these shocks on the spanish economy will be limited. If these shocks become a significant downturn in global trade flows or trigger an uncertainty increase in financial markets, the im…

September 1, 2010

The impact of the emergence of China on Brazilian international trade.

We take advantage of a novel dataset that incorporates both the technological content of each product as well as its quality to unveil some new features of Brazil-China’s trade flows and to challenge the view that the emergence of China would imply the deindustrialization of Brazilian exports.