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The European Union is on track to close 2022 with consumption below previous years and healthy reserves. However, a possible return to normal temperatures, China's economic recovery and, concerns about Russia supply and nuclear generation in France could put pressure on the gas markets in 2023

The increase in EU gas reserves to 94% of capacity together with warmer weather and lower consumption indicates that Europe is in a good position to face the rise in consumption during winter. Factors to be considered are the European Commission's proposal on the gas price cap and possible gas supply cuts.

The war that began in Ukraine a few days ago is, above all, a human tragedy in which thousands of people will lose their lives, including a large number of civilians. In addition, the conflict will also have significant effects on the global ec…

The COVID pandemic resulted in an unprecedented collapse in both aggregate supply and demand for most of the world's economies.

La disminución de los precios de petróleo nos obliga a pensar en nuevas fuentes de crecimiento e ingresos fiscales y la llegada a buen puerto de las negociaciones en La Habana nos hacen pensar en cómo hacer más inclusivo el crecimiento.

I am sure you all know the fable of Peter and the Wolf. The financial markets are shouting loudly that there is something troubling going on with the world economy.