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This presentation, delivered on the 10th anniversary of the BBVA Pension Institute in Portugal, analyzes the economic forecasts for Portugal and Spain, and the challenge of long-term aging of their population, as one of the challenges facing public systems pensions in Europe.

Despite higher recent GDP growth, the productivity of the Spanish economy has been falling behind that of the EU, making convergence in per capita income difficult. The projections of the Ageing Report 2024 do not foresee any improvement in the outlook.

The country has been going backwards in pension security. We hope that this law is the beginning of a reversal of this situation and that, finally, responsible solutions are sought to guarantee an adequate level of protection during old age.

Spain must continue to offer an attractive society to ensure migratory flows that will transform the demographic structure. Immigration, like productivity growth, helps to spread the increase in pension spending due to the retirement of baby bo…

The 2021-2023 pension reform has resulted in a system that will be more generous, but less contributory and self-sufficient, as social security contributions are not able to finance the higher expenditure on pensions.

We present a summary and analysis of the most relevant developments and publications in Mexico's financial regulatory landscape.

Authorizing a new withdrawal (the seventh) of pension funds is a bad idea: it benefits high-income members, will induce higher rates and will leave millions without any support to cope with old age.

A few months ago, the OECD warned that the recent pension reform was unlikely to prove sufficient to fully balance the system. Rather, it said it would increase expenditure more than income, thereby requiring the government to take further step…

We have recently learned of a couple of new developments about the Spanish public pension system. The first is the revaluation of pensions for 2024, which will be close to 4%. The second is the long-term projections of public pension expenditur…

There is an important need to promote the pension culture in the country. In this press release, some indicators on retirement savings in the Mexican adult population are reviewed.

At the Forum "Colombia's Social challenges" a summarised version of the report "How is the social situation of Colombians?” which analyses variables related to the social situation, characterises the main poverty figures and concludes with the determinants for improving social well-being.

Over the last two years we have witnessed numerous changes to the pension system in Spain, making it more generous, but less self-sufficient, with a larger structural deficit, no adjustment for increased life expectancy and greater dependence on transfers from the State.