Adriana Haring
Adriana Haring
Senior Economist

Adriana Haring has been working as economist at BBVA Research of Argentina since 1997, specializing in external sector issues and FX market, as well as the economy of Uruguay.

Previously she worked as Credit Risk Analyst at Corporate Banking of BBVA.

Her research interests are macroeconomic and financial issues.

She has a degree in Economics from the National University of La Plata (1995). She obtained a Masters in Banking Management at UCEMA.

Latest publications

We maintain our GDP forecast fall of 1.2% in 2019, which will grow quarterly form 2Q-19 due to the recovery of agricultural campaign and the reduction of FX market tensions. By 2020, the economy will have processed the tensions caused by the electoral uncertainty and will grow by 2.5% as private domestic demand recovers.
Uruguay is focused on elections, with necessary structural reforms taking a back seat.
We revised slightly to the downside the growth of 2019 to -1.2% due to the prolongation of the monetary astringency, maintaining the vision of a positive quarterly growth since 1Q19. Inflation will fall more gradually than expected, reaching 35% YoY due to the volatility of the exchange rate and the higher indexation of the economy.