Ana Rubio
Ana Rubio
Head of Financial Regulation

Ana Rubio worked from 2005 to December 2018 for BBVA Research. Since January 2019 she moved to Regulation and Internal Control, in the Regulation unit. In BBVA she was Head Economist of Financial Systems Unit and she has also participated in the analysis of the consumption, real estate and financial system sectors, both from a national and international perspective. Previously, she worked for Arthur Andersen Corporate Finance, and Oliver Wyman.

She has a BA in Economics from Complutense University and a Master in Economics and Finance from CEMFI, Bank of Spain.

Latest publications

If economic crises serve for anything it is for us all to learn from our mistakes. Now that the worst is behind us, we should have been thinking for some time now about how to fix what didn’t work and how to safeguard what did.
The digital revolution is leading to an increased use of electronic payment instruments; however, cash is still used in 79% of retail payments. This note analyses the factors driving the use of cash for payments across EU countries classified in four categories: access to cash and banking products, degree of digitalisation, macroeconomic environment and cultural factors.
The European Commission recently issued a guide for countries wishing to be able to create bad banks for the purpose of managing their banks’ impaired assets, whether loans or repossessed assets. A bad bank is a public or private sector entity that acquires these assets and has an extended period in which to liquidate them by means of recoveries or sales.