Carlos Castellano
Carlos Castellano

Carlos Castellano joined the Global Economic Scenarios unit at BBVA Research as an economist in 2022, also working in this unit in the 2020-2021 period. He previously worked as a risk model validator at Credit Suisse and a corporate actions analyst at Refinitiv.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and a master's in Finance from Universidad Carlos III (Carlos III University) in Madrid, where he was involved in projects on machine learning and hedge fund strategy models.

Latest publications

The energy price situation has turned out better than expected, after it became clear that there would be no gas shortage this winter, partly due to the moderate temperatures. Even so, the natural gas market will remain under strain at least through 2024.
The gas situation in Europe remains favorable thanks to contained demand and stable supply, resulting in gas prices at pre-war levels. We expect no gas shortages in the coming winter, although additional measures will be necessary to have a sustainable gas balance.
The European Union is on track to close 2022 with consumption below previous years and healthy reserves. However, a possible return to normal temperatures, China's economic recovery and, concerns about Russia supply and nuclear generation in France could put pressure on the gas markets in 2023