Carlos Castellano
Carlos Castellano
BBVA Research - Economist

Carlos Castellano joined the Global Economic Scenarios unit at BBVA Research as an economist in 2022, also working in this unit in the 2020-2021 period. He previously worked as a risk model validator at Credit Suisse and a corporate actions analyst at Refinitiv.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and a master's in Finance from Universidad Carlos III (Carlos III University) in Madrid, where he was involved in projects on machine learning and hedge fund strategy models.

Latest publications

No major news has come out today as the rate cut was universally expected and the ECB does not want to pre-commit to the path of future cuts. We still expect two further cuts this year, in September and December, if there are no major surprises in the outlook for inflation during the rest of the year.
All in all, while waiting for wage data that underpin the expected slowdown in service prices, the ECB heads to the June meeting leaving the stage set to begin the cycle of cuts, regardless of the Fed's monetary policy steps.
There is good news for the European Central Bank (ECB) thanks to the clear reduction of inflationary pressures, led by the slowdown in the prices of industrial goods, energy and food — and, to a lesser extent, by services, which still show a very persistent behavior.