Iván Martínez Urquijo
Iván Martínez Urquijo
Senior Economist

•B.A. in Economics, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)  

•MsC in Finance, ITAM

•Diploma in Econometric Models, ITAM

Latest publications

The continued decline in the pace of economic activity and the risks in both commercial and economic policy have had an adverse influence on deposits of the banking system, to the point that the nominal growth of the traditional deposits during May 2019 was located at its lowest level since the end of 2013.
In May 2019, the nominal annual growth of the balance of the current credit portfolio granted by commercial banks to the non-financial private sector was one digit and amounted to 9.1% (4.6% real). This growth was lower than that of the immediately previous month (10.3%) and was also lower than that of May 2018 (13.4%).
Mortgage lending increased, with higher average amounts and a slight increase in the interest rate. In 2018, payroll loans slowed their growth rate. The Financial System Stability Council (CESF) updates its risk balance. High concentration of demand for bank mortgage loans.