Juan Manuel Manías
Juan Manuel Manías
BBVA Research - Principal Economist

•M.A. in International Economics Relations (UBA, Argentina)

•B.A. in Economics (UBA, Argentina, Magna Cum Laude Honours)

•Previous work experience includes Banco Francés Financial Area since 2000.

•Joined Economic Research Department in 2009

Latest publications

Uruguay continues to show a solid, liquid financial system with a good quality loan portfolio that translates into low levels of non-performing loans. Compared to the rest of the region, the penetration levels of the financial system are mid-range, which gives it a high growth potential for the medium term.
Javier Milei's government took office aiming to have a less regulated and more market friendly economy with the private sector as the main driver of economic growth. The core of his macroeconomic policy is to achieve fiscal equilibrium and eliminate monetary issuance to cover public spending as of 2024.
After a series of recessionary events, the global economy continues to recover while inflation continues its downward path. The region, with some exceptions, mirrors these trends, as well as Uruguay, where domestic specificities also come into play.