Juan Manuel Manías
Juan Manuel Manías
Principal Economist
Buenos Aires

•M.A. in International Economics Relations (UBA, Argentina)

•B.A. in Economics (UBA, Argentina, Magna Cum Laude Honours)

•Previous work experience includes Banco Francés Financial Area since 2000.

•Joined Economic Research Department in 2009

Latest publications

In 2021, total card consumption recovered a similar dynamism to that of 2019. The evolution of the different categories reflects the uneven impact of the pandemic and the changes in habits it brought about. 2022 began with a YoY contraction in total spending due to the slowdown in consumption of services.
Total consumption with cards is at similar levels to those of a year ago. The contrast between consumption in goods and services persists. Signs of weakness in private sector employment generation. Industry and construction, with expectations of a slight increase in the last part of 2021.
Total consumption with cards continues with a weakened performance, with spending on services growing much faster than spending on goods. Although the number of transactions increased with respect to previous years, compared to other BBVA Group countries, the evolution is somewhat slow.