Máximo Camacho
Máximo Camacho
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Máximo Camacho is an Associate Professor in the Department of Quantitative Economics at Universidad de Murcia. Since 2008, he is editor of Revista de Economia Aplicada. Since 2014, he is member of the Dating Committee of the Spanish business cycle. Since 2009, he works as a consultant for BBVA Research Department.

He has received a MSc in Economic Analysis and a PhD in Economics from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 1999 and 2001, respectively. He worked as visiting fellow at Banco de España in 2007. His research interests span time series, nonlinear dynamics, constructing and evaluating economic indicators and economic forecasting. In these fields, he published numerous papers in top academic journal.

Latest publications

We characterize consumer confidence cycle across LatAm using Markov-switching models. Our findings show that a core group of countries shares a statistical common ground for both confidence’s boom and bust cycle synchronisation. Notably, Argentina and Chile tend to lead consumer mood shifts, playing a leading role in propagating consumer confidence shocks throughout LatAm.
We characterize regional business cycles for Spain using monthly Social Security affiliations. Based on a set of Markov-switching models, we find substantial synchronization of regional business cycles, which has increased since the Great Recession. We do however evidence a regional leading and lagging performance that repeats itself across the different recessions.
Se examina si las búsquedas en Internet ayudan a los agentes económicos con las predicciones sobre entradas y pernoctaciones de viajeros en España en tiempo real. Se demuestra que los modelos que incluyen las búsquedas obtienen mejores resultados que los que las excluyen.