Miguel Jiménez
Miguel Jiménez
Lead Economist

Miguel Jiménez joined in 2007 BBVA Research, where he is chief economist for Europe. Previously he worked as an economist at the OECD Economics Department, where he contributed to reports on the Spanish, Swiss and Greek economies and on issues related to labour markets, immigration, pensions, competition policy and sustainable development.

He has been lecturer of Macroeconomics and Growth Theory at the European University of Madrid and has published his research on academic journals such as the European Journal of Political Economy and Applied Economics.

He is a member and has been chaiman of the Council of European Economists of the Conference Board, and takes part on other discussion forums such as the chief economists group of the European Banking Federation, Real Instituto Elcano, Bruegel and the CEOE Economics Council.

He holds a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute in Florence, a Masters Degree in Public Economics from the Institute of Fiscal Studies in Madrid and a BA in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.

Latest publications

There was much curiosity surrounding Christine Lagarde's first press conference following a meeting of the ECB's Governing Council. This was not so much over the tone of monetary policy—which followed the same lines as in Mario Draghi's era—but over how she would act in a fractured field where some did not welcome her.
Overall, Mrs Lagarde’ first post-meeting press conference went as expected, with an outspoken communication style when talking about different issues not strictly related to monetary policy, and an unchanged line on the monetary policy stance.
Europe's economic situation is stabilizing following several quarters of deterioration caused by the uncertainties surrounding world trade and Brexit. It seems that there is chance of improvement and that the risk of recession has reduced.