Pedro Lomo Menéndez
Pedro Lomo Menéndez

Pedro Lomo is a member of the Global Economic Scenarios department at BBVA Research. He has a degree in Economics and Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid, in addition to obtaining a Master's Degree in Economics from the same university.

He is specialized in econometric analysis of panel data, carrying out research studies in relation to the effects of development aid on international trade or how political fragmentation affects the productivity of firms. He is knowledgeable in R and Stata and is passionate about macroeconomics and national and international public affairs.

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Today's ECB policy adhered to broader expectations of maintaining the status quo on policy rates and quantitative tightening. After a remarkable streak of 10 consecutive rate hikes, the ECB's decision today to leave the three key ECB interest rates unchanged came as no surprise, in line with our expectations.