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November 17, 2021

Global | Cross-country data on skills and the quality of schooling

This working paper reviews the available cross-country data on skill levels and educational quality and analyzes their distribution across OECD countries and their strengths and limitations in comparison to years of schooling.

September 7, 2021

Spain | The trend in the common system of autonomous communities financing, 2002-2019

This Working Paper contains homogenized series of regional governments funding constructed on the basis of homogeneous competences at equal fiscal effort from 2002 to 2019.

August 10, 2021

Spain | The 2019 settlement under the common system of autonomous communities financing

This Working Paper analyzes the settlement payment for 2019 under the common system of autonomous communities financing, recently published by the Ministry of Finance.

July 20, 2021

Global | A vector autoregressive model for banking stress testing

We describe the Risk-GVAR 1.0, a Global Vector Autoregressive (GVAR) macroeconometric model designed to lend support to the internal stress testing exercises that banks, complying with prudential regulations, perform periodically to assess the adequacy of their current levels of capital.

July 8, 2021

Turkey | Big Data and Nowcasting: Consumption and Investment from Bank Transactions

This paper demonstrates how we use the aggregate information from individual-to-firm and firm-to-firm Garanti BBVA bank transactions to mimic domestic private demand in real time and high frequency, which has been proven to be necessary to react to rapidly changing economic conditions.

July 6, 2021

Spain | The educational level of the Spanish population and regions: update through 2019

Using data from the Spanish Labor Force Survey (EPA), this Working Paper extends through 2019, the annual series of the educational level of the Spanish population and regions produced in de la Fuente and Doménech (2016) for the period 1960-2011.

May 31, 2021

Mexico | Cash vs. Card Consumption Patterns: A Machine Learning Approach

We offer a novel methodology combining high frequency card transaction data from BBVA and point-of-sale data from cash operations registered at convenience stores from Frogtek by Clarity AI to study changes in consumption patterns relative to variations in income, including changes in items consumed and payment channel.

May 27, 2021

Spain | Regional financing in 2020: first approach and proposal for 2021

This Working Paper establishes some preliminary estimates of the funding received by the autonomous communities under the common system during the 2020 financial year, highlighting the differences in the evolution of autonomous financing during the previous crisis.