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The cost of capital is vital for renewable energy projects due to high investment needs, policy uncertainty, and early-stage risks. De-risking strategies can lower costs, particularly in developing economies. However, for emerging cleantech, these strategies must balance innovation and competition.

We summarize the recent development of the Chinese economy and highlight the unbalanced economic structure. Risks include the housing market, geopolitics, deflation and unbalanced economic structure. We also analyze the ongoing fiscal and monetary policy coordination to stimulate growth.

The Letta report provides a comprehensive assessment of the European Union's single market and contains a set of policy proposals for its future development. They have the potential to impact the European strategic agenda for the next few years…

After the start of the pandemic in the US, the Latino employed population had a more dynamic recovery, and by November 2021, 19 months after its lowest point, it had already been able to recover to its pre-pandemic levels. In contrast, the non-…

Batteries are a vital component of the global energy system, playing a pivotal role in two key sectors for the transition: transport and energy.

Forest-based carbon markets offer significant opportunities for developing countries but require robust institutional frameworks, effective governance, and comprehensive policies to maximize benefits and mitigate risks.

In recent weeks, high volatility has been observed in financial variables in the United States and, therefore, in much of the world.

Mexico imposes temporary tariffs between 5% and 50% on the import of 544 tariff items applicable to products from countries with which it does not have trade agreements, including China, and subsequently rectifies some tariffs.

Batteries will be pivotal in steering the global energy system towards a net zero emissions scenario. Meeting targets will hinge on whether the world can scale up batteries fast enough.

We summarize China’s Balance of Payments situation in 2023 post-pandemic time and compare it with the pandemic time; we also predict its trend in 2024.

The disinflation process stalled in the first quarter in the U.S. and in April in the Eurozone (EZ). Additionally, most countries seem stuck with high services prices. Disruptions in shipping routes continued, but without wreaking havoc in supply chains.

Remittances to Mexico fell 3.3% in March. Thus, they culminate a streak of 46 consecutive months with growth, which lasted between May 2020 and February 2024. During this period, remittances increased in annualized terms from 38.8 billion to 63.6 billion dollars, which is equivalent to a total increase of 64.1%.