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With the pandemic, households changed some of their consumption habits. Today, many Colombian workers are home-based, which allows them to have more time available for leisure and other activities. Some of that time is used to do the shopping that used to be done on weekends.

After record sales in the first half of the year, the Argentine automotive market sank sharply as a result of the 2018 currency crisis. However, the fall in internal demand is in contrast with the increase in exports. The 2019 forecast for the sector is not encouraging in the internal market.

Although interest in autonomous vehicles has always accompanied the development of the motor car, their deployment has never been so near. First and foremost because the technology is already available. Secondly, because the potential benefits …

Higher information processing capability provides ever better information about customers, what they need or do not need, whether or not they are willing to pay more, and what their financial situation is.

The changes in spending patterns that have come about in the past twenty years confirm that digital information and communication technology has now become an integral part of consumer behaviour. Irrespective of age, income, sex or any other de…

Digital technology will continue to empower consumers, granting them deeper product and pricing transparency, control over different layers of the value chain, and refinement of experiences. Survivalist mode will compel consumers to search for new ways to be frugal, facilitating the next-generation of the sharing economy.

El número de usuarios de banca electrónica en España aumentó el 64,5% desde 2010 hasta rozar los 15 millones personas en 2016. El objetivo de este Observatorio es conocer los determinantes de que un individuo acceda a la banca digital y arrojar luz sobre los factores que incentivan la contratación de un producto financiero …

Despite agents' expectations remaining positive, a negative adjustment in the components of both industry and consumer confidence is observed in January: the two indicators reduced their gap in regards to pre-crisis averages.

The agents' expectations are positive and show a widespread optimism in all components of both industrial and consumer confidence. Both indicators widened the gap with pre-crisis average and, in the case of consumers, the historical maximum has…

The traditional Bass model (Bass, 1969) for the adoption and diffusion of new products has customarily been used to gauge the speed at which new products were adopted in a market by estimating innovation (p) and imitation (q) parameters.