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Consumer prices rose by 3.37% m/m in May, higher than expectations (3.1% consensus and 3% ours), leading the annual inflation to rise to 75.45%. We expect inflation to decline faster in 2H24 on favorable base effects and reach 43% at the year end.

Consumer prices rose by 3.18% in April, parallel to our expectation of 3.1% and slightly lower than the consensus of 3.4%, which led to an annual inflation of 69.8%. Given the expectations of a tighter policy mix in the coming period, we acknowledge slight downside risk on our current year-end inflation forecast of 45%.

Consumer prices rose by 3.16% (68.5% y/y) in March, lower than both our expectation and consensus (3.5% and 3.6%, respectively). We expect annual consumer inflation to reach 45% by 2024 end under the assumption of 3.5% GDP growth in 2024, gradu…

Consumer prices rose by 4.53% in Feb, higher than our exp. and cons. (4.0% both), and annual inflation accelerated to 67.07% (64.86% prev.). Given the strong realizations in Jan. and Feb, we expect tighter financial conditions to be pursued in …

In January, monthly inflation was 0.92% and annual inflation was 8.35%, very close to the expectations of market analysts, who according to the survey of Banco de la República expected 0.93% in the monthly variation.

Consumer prices rose by 6.70% in January, higher than our expectation (5.7%) but parallel to the consensus (6.6%) and annual consumer inflation accelerated slightly to 64.86% (vs. 64.77 prev.). We eliminate our previous downward bias and now expect consumer inflation to slow down to 45% by end 2024.

December's inflation increased to 3.4%, driven by a monthly variation of 0.3%. At 3.9%, core inflation rose by 0.3% month-on-month, influenced by used cars and shelter; the latter remains a key factor for the expected decline in inflation in the coming months.

In December 2023, inflation registered a monthly variation of 0.45% and an annual variation of 9.28%. This result was below the expectations of market analysts, who according to the survey conducted by Banco de la República expected a monthly v…

Consumer prices rose by 2.93% m/m in Dec, lower than our expectation (3.3%) and consensus (3.0%) and annual CPI accelerated to 64.77% (vs. 61.98% prev.). We expect 2024 year-end consumer inflation to reach 45%, though recent improvement in infl…

In November, monthly inflation was 0.47% and annual inflation was 10.15%, in line with market analysts' expectations, according to Banco de la República's survey. Thus, the figure decreased by 33 basis points compared to the previous month's fi…

Consumer prices rose by 3.28% m/m in Nov, lower than both our expectation (4.0%) and cons. (3.7%), while annual inflation accelerated to 61.98% (vs. 61.36% prev.). Considering the recent lower than expected realizations coupled with the positively surprising rate hikes, the year-end consumer inflation might be around 65%.

Inflation surprised to the downside across major economies in October. Besides a favorable base effect and lower energy, reassuringly, services inflation is beginning to ease as well, in both, the US and the eurozone. Meanwhile, bottlenecks seem to be over.