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In January, monthly inflation was 0.92% and annual inflation was 8.35%, very close to the expectations of market analysts, who according to the survey of Banco de la República expected 0.93% in the monthly variation.

The consumer price index increased 0.02% m/m in January 2024 and the interannual inflation rate stood at 3.02% (already very close to the upper limit of the target range).

The downward trend in core inflation persisted in December, helped by a decline in core goods inflation. Headline inflation increased due to base effects. Geopolitical risk in Middle East East worsened, in turn pushing up freight costs. Our sup…

In Colombia, the indexation percentage is high and is usually tied to two main indicators: the previous year's inflation and the increase in the minimum wage for the current year. Indexation through inflation would impact 30.5% of the basket an…

In December 2023, inflation registered a monthly variation of 0.45% and an annual variation of 9.28%. This result was below the expectations of market analysts, who according to the survey conducted by Banco de la República expected a monthly v…

The consumer price index increased 0.41% MoM in December. The result for the month is explained by the seasonal increase in transportation prices and the prices of some foodstuffs, particularly poultry, also increased.

Inflation pressure continued easing across the board, although core CPI remains high. Bottleneck indicators signal absence of disruptions, although some container freights have rebounded, reflecting the problems in the Red Sea.

In November, monthly inflation was 0.47% and annual inflation was 10.15%, in line with market analysts' expectations, according to Banco de la República's survey. Thus, the figure decreased by 33 basis points compared to the previous month's fi…

The economy will contract 0,4% in 2023, negatively affected by successive shocks. The impact of most of these shocks (except for El Niño) will vanish in 2024 and economic activity will grow again (2,0%). The recovery will be completed in 2025, …

China’s 2023 Q3 economic activities are better-than-expected and stronger than Q2 outturns amid policy support, showing some bottomed-out signals after Q2’s dipping.

The consumer price index dropped 0.16% m/m in November. During the month, the decrease in some food prices stood out, due to supply shocks they faced in recent months starting to dissipate.

Inflation surprised to the downside across major economies in October. Besides a favorable base effect and lower energy, reassuringly, services inflation is beginning to ease as well, in both, the US and the eurozone. Meanwhile, bottlenecks seem to be over.