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In February, monthly inflation was 1.66% and annual inflation was 13.28%, very close to the forecast of BBVA Research (1.65%) and market analysts, who, according to the Banco de la República survey, expected 1.57%.

Inflation increased 0.29% monthly in February. This was due to the rise in the prices of some foods and the seasonal increase in the cost of education services. On the other hand, it is worth noting the decrease in residential electricity rates.

Inflation in January continued to accelerate, reaching an annual change of 13.2% and a monthly change of 1.78%. The figure was slightly higher than expected by the average of analysts in the Banco de la República's survey (1.61%).

December data points to further easing of inflationary pressures in the US and the Euro Area. Bottleneck indicators suggests that supply pressures moderated further in the US and declined marginally in Europe

One of the non-forward-looking tools used for inflation analysis by central banks and academia in general is core inflation, but it may include distortions that lead to misleading conclusions. This paper explores trimmed means as an alternative…

Monthly inflation in November rose to 0.77% and annual inflation to 12.53%, up 31 bps from October's annual figure. The results were again above the median of market analysts' expectations of 12.27% and what we expected at BBVA Research (12.42%).

The Consumer Price Index for the city of Lima increased 0.52% MoM in November. This is mainly a result of the increase in food prices (fish and chicken), restaurant menus and an adjustment in electricity rates.

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Monthly inflation in October was 0.72% and annual inflation was 12.22%, close to market analysts' expectations of 0.62%, according to Banco de la República's survey, and BBVA Research's of 0.64%. The data increased 78 bps from September's annua…

The Consumer Price Index for the city of Lima increased 0.35% MoM in October. This is mainly a result of the increase in the prices of transport and restaurants.

Headline inflation in the US appears to have peaked in June but hit a new high in the Euro Area last month. Core inflation continued to reach new highs. The spread of high inflation to a larger range of goods has stabilized, although it still a…

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The national budget includes the planned revaluation of pensions in line with the CPI and the agreed increase in the wages of public sector employees. The implications of these two measures go beyond their impact on public sector expenditure, as they may also affect the income pact.

The announcement of Spain’s government budget for 2023 has once again brought the subject of pensions back into the limelight, as this particular budget item has seen the largest increase and will require a record level of transfers from the State to finance the deficit.