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Presenting the construction supply and demand structure with a special section on urban design. In the supply section: GDP, employment, firms, and sector composition. In the demand section: logistics, housing, household composition, demographic trends, housing deficit, among others.

The demographic challenges facing developed countries are well known: rapid aging and populations that in are already beginning to shrink in some regions. Less well known, however, is that the demographic transition is already changing the landscape in the vast majority of developing countries.

According to our analysis, global demographic trends and, more specifically, the ongoing process of population aging are contributing to current inflationary pressures.

We are already 50 million. On Wednesday of this week we have achieved that milestone which don't say much itselft but it do give us the opportunity to take a look to see who we are.

A profile of the Colombian consumer was created by analyzing different variables that determine their consumption decisions, such as: age, sex, income, household size, source of income, form and place of payment, purchasing power and consumptio…

Distributive pension systems such as Spain’s are based on an implied inter-generational contract between workers and pensioners. A contract which in addition to being sustainable in the long term and providing adequate pensions, must also be balanced and efficient. Without sustainability, adequacy cannot be assured.

Despite early success, Trump needs to sustain momentum in order to avoid a brokered convention. Rubio or Cruz present best chance for a Republican victory against Clinton. Current economic and market-based indicators suggest Democratic win in national election.

Unprecedented challenges to economic growth from slower population growth and increased life expectancy. Demographic paradigm creating a tradeoff between lower overall growth and policy intervention. Diversity playing a greater role in policyma…

Signs of cyclical weakness in some dimensions are very clear, in other somewhat less

En Colombia sólo un porcentaje muy pequeño de la población económicamente activa tiene pensiones voluntarias o seguro para la vejez. El ahorro voluntario a largo plazo cobrará cada vez mayor importancia, de cara a las tendencias demográficas gl…

Perspectivas de crecimiento; Desafíos demográficos; Energía y recursos escasean.

Este documento explora el patrón de crecimiento potencial, o de equilibrio a largo plazo, de la economía catalana durante los últimos 30 años con el doble objetivo de identificar las fuentes subyacentes de tal crecimiento así como de sus perspectivas a medio plazo.