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Over the past six months, the euro has experienced a significant appreciation against the dollar, from lows below parity last fall to levels of around 1.10 in recent weeks. This somewhat expected appreciation has come sooner than anticipated.

So far this year, the euro has depreciated by more than 10% against the dollar, weakening in mid-July to the level of parity between the two currencies for the first time since 2002.

The tables have recently turned for the common European currency as it once again moves toward appreciation. Following the period of weakness it experienced earlier this year, the euro has appreciated by over 3.5% so far this quarter, exceeding…

Since March there have been large movements in the financial markets, and this is no less the case for the foreign exchange market and, in particular, for the euro. It has appreciated 6% versus the dollar since January, and was up 11% from the …

At its meeting this week, the ECB decided to hold off until October before making a statement on withdrawing monetary stimuli. With the question of when decided, this now leaves the next unknown to be clarified: the matter of how this will be d…

The European Council today discussed the "Five Presidents Report" on completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union. This milestone towards more integrated Eurozone governance builds on the work initiated in 2012 and outlines the roadmap towards a financial, fiscal, economic and political union in two stages. The ultimate …

Hoy, tal vez, sea más probable pensar en un mundo multipolar que en una sustitución de la divisa dominante por otra

La crisis del euro. La expansión monetaria global. Impacto en los países emergentes. Contagio hacia América Latina