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At today's monetary policy meeting, the ECB maintained rates at 4% for deposit facility and the main refinancing operations rate at 4.5%, aligning with market expectations.

Today's ECB policy adhered to broader expectations of maintaining the status quo on policy rates and quantitative tightening. After a remarkable streak of 10 consecutive rate hikes, the ECB's decision today to leave the three key ECB interest rates unchanged came as no surprise, in line with our expectations.

It is clear that after this hike the ECB is prepared for a long pause and probably the end of the hiking cycle, although further rate hikes cannot be completely ruled out as inflation could surprise to the upside and the ECB has said that it r…

Our forecast still leans towards a further rate hike in September (reaching a terminal rate of 4% for the deposit rate); however, recent data weaknesses and ECB communications before and during the meeting have increased the likelihood of a pot…

As expected, the ECB announced a moderate slower pace of net asset purchases under the PEPP for next quarter, as compared to that in the previous two quarters. The decision was taken by unanimity by the Governing council on the back of favourab…

The ECB reaffirmed the assessment for the Euro Area macro-economic outlook put forth in March's meeting. The ECB left monetary policy as well as forward guidance unchanged, with President Lagarde striking a note of cautious optimism over the medium term outlook while being cognizant of near term downside risks.

The ECB, as expected, left its benchmark interest rates and broader policy guidance unchanged, but surprised boldly by announcing a significant step up of asset purchases under the PEPP next quarter. The decision was a clear response to the recent increase in bond yields.

The European economy has begun the year immersed in a third wave of the pandemic which, although it is beginning to recede, will slow the recovery expected for this year.

Today’s wait and watch policy meeting suggests that the ECB will stay put in the short to medium-run regarding monetary policy, awaiting better clarity on the evolution of the pandemic, the recovery and financial conditions, while continuing to…

The ECB announced a comprehensive package focused on new liquidity and additional asset purchases measures to support households and firms facing increasing uncertainty.

Libra, Facebook's proposed global digital currency, has disappointed, with several partners abandoning the initiative and severe rejection by countless authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.

There was much curiosity surrounding Christine Lagarde's first press conference following a meeting of the ECB's Governing Council. This was not so much over the tone of monetary policy—which followed the same lines as in Mario Draghi's era—but over how she would act in a fractured field where some did not welcome her.