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The trade balance reversed its behavior of the end of last year and posted a deficit in the first quarter of 2024. Given the stylized fact that the trade balance shows a countercyclical behavior, this deficit reflects that the Mexican economy reassumed its growth path at the beginning of the year.

We summarize China’s Balance of Payments situation in 2023 post-pandemic time and compare it with the pandemic time; we also predict its trend in 2024.

We discuss important issues on the recent FDI drop: how serious is it? Is the ongoing FDI drop structural or cyclical? Should China need FDI as much as before? How should Chinese government lure the FDI back and guide them in high-end manufactu…

In the first half of 2023, FDI accounted for 5.8% of GDP and financed more than the entire current account deficit. current account deficit. Increasing FDI flows, especially those other than reinvestment of profits, is a desirable objective in …

The country received 18,636 million dollars in FDI in the year's first quarter. It is a good number.

The growing geopolitical uncertainties between the United States and China were, to some extent, a determining factor in the increased regulations by advanced countries to discriminate against the flow of funds from China. In this context, China began to turn towards the southern hemisphere when directing its investments.

It is important to understand what was going on in the past year’s BoP abnormalities and to predict this year’s BoP items while investigating the sustainability of these abnormalities.

Services decelerate and industry falls in 2019. Foreign Direct Investment in the Southeast, USMCA will boost Bajío and North.

China’s share of global ODI stocks may be larger than previously thought if we factor in Hong Kong’s role as an offshore center. That said, our estimates show that MOFCOM figures overstate ODI flows, raising questions regarding the country’s st…

In this paper we recalculate China's Outbound Foreign Direct Investments (ODI) in a way which accounts for round-tripping and offshoring. Our estimates show that China's ODI flows and stocks may have been overestimated and may be more diversif…

In this paper we critically review the relevant information and literature and that can enhance the feasibility and the successful implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects.