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17 mayo 2021

China | Perspectiva saldo exterior para 2021: ¿Cuándo se normalizará la balanza de pagos?

Es importante entender a qué se han debido las anomalías en la balanza de pagos china a lo largo de 2020 y ser capaces de predecir sus componentes, sin perder de vista la posible persistencia de dichas anomalías.

26 marzo 2020

Situación Regional Sectorial México. Primer semestre 2020

Los servicios se desaceleran y la industria cae en 2019. Inversión Extranjera Directa en el Sureste, T-MEC impulsará a Bajío y Norte.

22 noviembre 2016

China | Revising outbound FDI figures downwards

China’s share of global ODI stocks may be larger than previously thought if we factor in Hong Kong’s role as an offshore center. That said, our estimates show that MOFCOM figures overstate ODI flows, raising questions regarding the country’s status as a net creditor.

8 junio 2015

China’s ODI: How much goes where after round-tripping and offshoring?

In this paper we recalculate China's Outbound Foreign Direct Investments (ODI) in a way which accounts for round-tripping and offshoring. Our estimates show that China's ODI flows and stocks may have been overestimated and may be more diversified that previously thought.

1 septiembre 2009

Foreign Direct Investment in Cross-Border Infrastructure Projects 1

In this paper we critically review the relevant information and literature and that can enhance the feasibility and the successful implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects.