Inequality latest publications

August 4, 2020

Spain | Inequality across the nation: new data, old problems

A few days ago, the INE (Spanish National Statistics Institute) published the results of its 2019 Survey of Living Conditions using income data from 2018. The survey shows that inequality with respect to income after taxes and transfers declined once again in 2018.

July 15, 2020

Spain | The economic and social recovery of the community of Madrid after COVID-19

Economic forecasts for 2020 indicate that the COVID-19 crisis will be the deepest and most intense crisis since the end of World War II — for Europe, Spain and the Community of Madrid and for the global economy.

December 2, 2019

Latin America: Lost in its Own Labyrinth

A wave of protests has shaken Latin America in recent months. The increase in social unrest has led to mass protests in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. There are also worries that this could spread to other parts of the region.

October 31, 2019

Regional Inequality

Regions with less income should have the highest growth rates. Capital is scarce in the more disadvantaged regions, which means higher profitability. In theory, this should encourage investment; but is that what has happened during crisis and recovery in Spain?

August 6, 2019

Mexico | Evolution of poverty and income distribution

Between 2008 and 2018, poverty in Mexico decreased from 44.4% to 41.9%, but increased in absolute terms, from 49.5 to 52.4 million people. In equity of income, measured by the Gini coefficient, Mexico would move from place 136 to 122 of a total of 164 countries, advancing 14 positions.

August 27, 2018

Housing and inequality

There is growing concern about inequality in the developed economies. Now that we are seeing a recovery in the Spanish property sector, it is worth reflecting on the role that trends in the housing market have played and may play in widening or narrowing differences among people’s income and wealth.

August 25, 2018

Colombia | Pathways to a less unequal Colombia

The improvements in Colombian social indicators over the past 20 years are indisputable. In these years we have seen a very significant reduction in poverty, an increase in the consolidated middle class and the vulnerable middle class, as well as an increase in labour formalisation and a decrease in inequality.

July 2, 2018

The economic challenges faced by the new Colombian president

The new government must solidify its ongoing economic recovery by laying the foundations for better economic performance in the medium term. Growth will no longer depend merely on capital investments and population growth. 48% of the people now working under the table will need to be brought into the formal economy and prod…