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Presenting the construction supply and demand structure with a special section on urban design. In the supply section: GDP, employment, firms, and sector composition. In the demand section: logistics, housing, household composition, demographic trends, housing deficit, among others.

Chinese authorities reverted to infrastructure investment which used to be the growth engine to stimulate growth amid Zero Covid policy and economic slowdown in 2022.

Last Tuesday, Joe Biden, president of the United States, signed a plan that will allocate 1.2 trillion dollars to the infrastructure of his country.

The central banks of advanced economies had a timely and decisive reaction to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic. Not only they bring monetary policy rates close to zero, but they implemented the largest injection of liquidity in his…

For many years I thought that Mexico had lost a unique opportunity. In response to the global financial crisis, the central banks of developed countries implemented an unprecedented monetary expansion. Not only did they lower interest rates to …

As a small economy, Colombia is not immune to the reality of the global context. Short- and medium-term scenarios can be affected by exchange rate volatility, weakening investment, fiscal deficit, current account deficit and informality in the labor market.

The Oaxaca Pact aims at attracting investment and create industrial and commercial infrastructure that would translate into greater jobs and GDP growth in the South and Southeast of Mexico.

Sales of new apartments in Lima continued to recover in 2018 in a context of improved formal employment, attractive interest rates, and some government incentives. We estimate that sales improvement will keep consolidating this year. On the pri…

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Budgetary constraints in the public sector and the poor development of the financial system make it convenient to involve the private sector in investment in infrastructure. The regulatory framework mitigates risks but does not completely isola…

Peru is still lagging behind the region in the process of digitalisation. However, there have been advances such as the increased use of the internet by families, a reduction in the concentration of companies offering internet services and impr…

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Besides the economic losses caused by this natural disaster, the palpable effects are limited and only relevant to very specific regions and do not represent a major change in the economic growth rates at a national level. The earthquakes did not damage the productive capacity of the economy, as productive infrastructure wa…

Did you know that the electric vehicle (EV) was invented in the nineteenth century, around fifty years before the internal combustion equivalent? In the 1910s, a third of automobiles circulating in the US were electric.