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January 14, 2019

Turkey: Sharp contraction in Industrial Production (IP)

IP fell by 6.5% yoy in calendar adjusted terms in November, disappointing the expectations (BBVA: -5.8%, Consensus: -5.4%). Our monthly GDP indicator nowcasts a contraction of 1.6% yoy growth in December (with 32% info), which is still consistent with our 3% 2018 GDP growth estimate but with some downside risks. We maintain…

January 8, 2018

Turkey | IP implies strong growth in 4Q

IP grew by 7.0% yoy in November (cal. adj.) in line with expectations. After growing 10% in 3Q, yearly IP growth rate in October-November moderated to 7.2%. Our monthly GDP indicator nowcasts 6.8% yoy in December, implying a whole year growth rate slightly above 7% in 2017.