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The employment resumes growth in April (2.5% year-on-year); this rebound in employment is explained by the negative impact of the previous month's Easter week. A change in the employment creation trend is not anticipated but rather seen as a temporary adjustment

Social Security affiliation increased by 199,500, while unemployment declined by 60,500. Adjusted for seasonality, it's estimated that the number of contributors rose by 60,000 and the unemployed fell by 34,000. The proportion of General Regime affiliates with temporary contracts held steady at 14.4% CVEC.

Social Security affiliation rose more than expected in March (193,600 individuals), but unemployment declined less than forecasted (-33,400). Seasonally adjusted, employment rebounded in Q1 2024 (0.8% quarterly CVEC) and both hiring (-0.9%) and…

The Spanish economy is faring better than anyone expected a few months ago. And despite high interest rates, held back by a European economy that has been stagnant and amid heightened uncertainty surrounding economic policy. With all this, GDP …

GDP growth in Spain for 2024 is revised upwards from 1.5 % to 2.1 %. In 2025, the advance would be reduced by 0.5 pp with respect to the previous scenario, to 2.0 %. The need to initiate the adjustment in public accounts and the greater weaknes…

Social Security affiliation rose by 103,600, while unemployment decreased by 7,500. After seasonal adjustments, it is estimated that the number of contributors grew by 85,000, and the number of unemployed people dropped by 35,000. The percentage of temporary contracts decreased by 2.9 pp to 54.2% CVEC.

Several indicators show that construction is facing a labor shortage problem. Moreover, the average age of workers has increased significantly in recent years and their level of training is relatively low. The sector must react in order to face a generational replacement sooner rather than later.

Despite the labor market's resilience, the slowdown in job creation in 2023 is reflected by the 2.7 million additional jobs, considerably fewer than the previous year. The unemployment rate in December remained at 3.7%, largely explained by the…

Social Security affiliation increased more than expected in December (29,900), but unemployment fell less than expected (-27,400). Seasonally adjusted, employment rebounded in 4Q23 (0.4% q/q SWDA) and unemployment fell (-0.3% q/q SWDA). The yea…

Social Security affiliation fell by 11,600 people and unemployment by 24,600. After adjusting for seasonality, we estimate that the number of affiliated workers grew by 25,000 (2,500 more than in Oct) and the number of unemployed fell by 16,000…

Spain's GDP growth forecast is maintained for 2023 (2.4%), revised downwards to 1.5% in 2024 and is expected to accelerate in 2025 (2.5%). The growth bias is negative due to the geopolitical context and uncertainty in EMU activity and economic policy measures.

Colombia has made significant progress in terms of labor formality in the last four years. Labor formality has positive implications for people's living conditions, productivity and the country's capacity to face adverse events, among others.