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Inflation continued to rise and in September registered an annual change of 11.4% and a monthly change of 0.93%. The figure was higher than expected by the average of market analysts and BBVA Research, at the upper limit of forecasts (0.92%), although it was lower than the monthly inflation observed in the previous month.

In July, inflation reached a double-digit annual variation of 10.21% and a monthly variation of 0.81%, above analysts' expectations (average monthly variation of 0.53% according to Banco de la República's survey) and BBVA Research.

The Consumer Price Index for the city of Lima increased 1.48% MoM in March. This is a result of the increase in the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages, education, and transportation, in a context of higher international prices of foodst…

In November, the Consumer Price Index increased by 0,52%. With this outcome, inflation increased from 1,7% in October to 2,1% in year on year terms, mainly explained by supply factors.

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1Q18 ended with a greater increase in home sales than previous quarters, despite the contraction seen in March. This increase encouraged housing prices to rise, although at slower rates and with heightened regional heterogeneity, according to a…

After three months of stability, home sales grew in January. The positive economic situation, coupled with good news from the mortgage market, continues to bolster residential demand. The biggest highlight in construction for January was an increase in the sale of land and a moderation in the growth of visas.

House sales remained virtually stable for the second month in a row. This is accompanied by an increase in housing prices and a slight correction in the signing of building permits in 4Q17. The first data for 2018 are positive for the sector: new mortgage credit grew, and financial costs remain minimal.

Following a slump in October, home sales plateaued in November. Information from subsequent months, however, points to reinvigorated sales, with mortgages up in December and both employment and consumer confidence showing improvements at the ou…