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In June, monthly inflation was 0.32%, and annual inflation was 7.18%, slightly higher than the previous month's figure. The result was close to the expectations of market analysts who, according to Banco de la República's survey, expected a monthly variation of 0.28%.

Commodity prices are front and center in global economic discussions. The last two months have seen the cost of oil rise by around 10%, alongside significant volatility. This has a lot to do with the short-term chaos.

The oil market remains at the center of the global spotlight. This has been the case for some months now due to the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas, a confrontation reminiscent of the most difficult moments of the oil market in the…

Although energy and borrowing costs may be falling, businesses will have other challenges to contend with in 2024, including the risk of changes in labor regulation and taxation.

Having passed the halfway point of the year, it is important to reflect on the behavior of the oil market, and to take note of the lessons learned for the second half of 2023.

With falling inflation and a strong peso, we expect Banxico to start a rate cut cycle in 4Q23 to avoid an additional increase in the already very high ex-ante real rate

This Working Paper analyzes the trend in regional revenues and expenditures, including the sector's budget balance and its debt position from 2003 through to the present day.

The relentless increase in global temperatures combined with heat waves has led to less abundant and more irregular rainfall, more frequent and severe droughts conducive to wildfires, and also more in the way of storms and floods. Not only will…

This week the inflation rate for the first half of April was announced. It was a good number that confirms that the disinflationary process in Mexico is underway.

This Working Paper briefly describes the latest update of the sectoral module of the RegData FEDEA-BBVA database (see de la Fuente 2017 and 2023 and de la Fuente and Ruiz Aguirre, 2020).

One of the non-forward-looking tools used for inflation analysis by central banks and academia in general is core inflation, but it may include distortions that lead to misleading conclusions. This paper explores trimmed means as an alternative.

One of the best surprises of 2022 has been the recovery by tourism. However, there are reasonable doubts regarding the industry's future outlook. A downturn could have major implications for the economy.