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In the first inflation report of the year, the Central Bank (CBRT) maintained their interim inflation targets (36% by end 2024 and 14% by end 2025). We expect the policy rate at 45% throughout the year although the possibility of a rate hike above 45% remains.

Consumer prices rose by 6.70% in January, higher than our expectation (5.7%) but parallel to the consensus (6.6%) and annual consumer inflation accelerated slightly to 64.86% (vs. 64.77 prev.). We eliminate our previous downward bias and now expect consumer inflation to slow down to 45% by end 2024.

Consumer prices rose by 2.93% m/m in Dec, lower than our expectation (3.3%) and consensus (3.0%) and annual CPI accelerated to 64.77% (vs. 61.98% prev.). We expect 2024 year-end consumer inflation to reach 45%, though recent improvement in infl…

Consumer prices rose by 3.28% m/m in Nov, lower than both our expectation (4.0%) and cons. (3.7%), while annual inflation accelerated to 61.98% (vs. 61.36% prev.). Considering the recent lower than expected realizations coupled with the positiv…

Consumer prices rose by 3.43% m/m in October, lower than both our expectation (4.5%), resulting in an annual inflation of 61.36%. We expect consumer inflation to be realized closer to the upper bound of the Central Bank’s revised inflation proj…

Consumer prices rose by 4.75% m/m in September, close to our expectation and market consensus (both 4.8%), leading annual inflation accelerate to 61.5%. Assuming a delayed adjustment in the currency and a soft landing in growth, we expect consumer inflation to reach 70% by end 2023 and slow down to 50% at the end of 2024.

Consumer prices rose by 9.09% m/m in August, higher than both our expectation (7.0%) and market consensus (7.2%), resulting in an annual inflation of 58.9% up from 47.8% in July. Considering higher-than-expected August realization, consumer inflation will likely get closer to 70% at the end of this year.

Consumer prices rose by 9.49% in July, higher than our expectation (9%) and market consensus (8.6%) while annual consumer inflation accelerated significantly to 47.8% from 38.2% the month before. We expect annual consumer inflation to accelerat…

Consumer prices rose by 3.92% in June, lower than both our expectation (4.85%) and market consensus (4.3%), whereas annual inflation dropped to 38.2% from 39.6% in May on favorable base effects led by energy prices. We expect annual consumer in…

Consumer prices rose by 0.04% in May on zero natural gas prices, led annual figure to fall 39.6% on favorable base effect. Even assuming a gradual depreciation in the currency, we expect 2023 year-end inflation to get closer to 50%.

Consumer prices rose by 2.4% m/m in April, lower than both our expectation and consensus (2.6%, 2.7% respectively), whereas annual inflation came down to 43.7% from 50.5% on favorable base effects. We expect year-end consumer inflation to be 45%, assuming a manageable depreciation of the currency after the elections.

Consumer prices rose by 2.3% in March, lower than our expectations (2.5%) and consensus (2.8%) while annual inflation neared 50.5%. We maintain our year end inflation forecast of 45% but acknowledge upside risks due to OPEC+ oil production cut, potential minimum wage hike in July, ongoing high inertia and robust demand.