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April 9, 2021

Peru | Central Bank reaffirms absence of inflationary pressures

The Board of the Central Bank decided to maintain the monetary policy rate at 0,25% in April. The Bank renewed its commitment to maintain a strongly expansive stance for a prolonged period and stated that the higher inflation observed in March is transitory.
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April 7, 2021

Mexico | Monthly Report on Banking and the Financial System. April 2021

Total credit granted to the non-financial private sector remains weak. It dropped again in January and was widespread across the country according to regional data as of 4Q20. Total deposits remained strong in annual terms in spite of a seasonal drop at the beginning of the year.

March 26, 2021

Mexico | Banking deposits: better than expected in January in spite of a seasonal drop

The month of January is usually a weak one in terms of banking deposits as a consequence of the payment of year-end related expenses, the seasonal unemployment and the rise of some prices. In spite of this, banking deposits showed resilience.

March 19, 2021

Turkey | Credit Allocation Productivity Gains and NPL Evolution

The allocation of resources to productive sectors is a factor that supports sustainable growth. Therefore, it is important to understand how the credit boost in recent years has been distributed among the sectors and whether those sectors also perform well in terms of productivity.

March 18, 2021

Mexico | Credit to the non-financial private sector with second decline in nominal terms

In January 2021, the balance of current credit granted by commercial banks to the non-financial private sector once again registered an annual fall in nominal terms, which was -1.3% (-4.6% in real terms), practically the same as that observed in December (-1.2%).

March 2, 2021

Mexico | Monthly Report on Banking and the Financial System. March 2021

During 2020 banking intermediation showed resiliency but was not unscathed. Bank deposits grew at double digits, however, credit to the private sector dropped for the first time in the last ten years. In 2021, investment and employment growth will be key for the strength of the sector.

February 26, 2021

U.S. Banking Outlook 1Q21: Fair winds from pandemic control and policy support

After the roller-coaster of last year, banking aggregates will normalize in 2021. Virus control will gain traction, highly impacted sectors will gradually reopen, and the overall economic recovery will solidify with the support of policymakers. These conditions will be highly favorable for the banking industry.
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February 19, 2021

Mexico | Unexpected double-digit growth in traditional bank deposits during 2020

Deposits was the component of bank intermediation that most changed its trend as a result of the pandemic. As of last March, it became aware of the continuous increase of this component, which closed 2020 with 10 consecutive months with double-digit nominal annual growth rates.