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June 11, 2021

Mexico | In April, credit fell 8.8% due to base effects and inertia in the recovery

In April 2021, the nominal annual contraction of current commercial banking credit to the non-financial private sector was -8.8% (-14.1% real). Despite the improvement in some indicators of economic activity, the different portfolios showed a lag in their recovery.

June 7, 2021

Mexico | Monthly Report on Banking and the Financial System. June 2021

Bank credit to the private sector fell 7.9% in March due to the performance of the consumer and business portfolios, while demand deposits continued to drive bank deposits.

June 1, 2021

Peru | Inflation rebounded in May after food price hike

The Lima Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.27% MoM in May (-0.10% in April) due to higher food prices. Inflation in year-on-year terms was 2.4%.
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May 31, 2021

Spain | Corporate debt in the time of COVID-19

Spanish companies are facing the invisible attack of COVID-19 from a position of relative strength after experiencing strong deleveraging over the past decade due to the Global Financial Crisis, which led them to lower their debt from levels of more than 110% of GDP (2008) to 73% (2019).

May 20, 2021

Mexico Banking Outlook. First half 2021

The banking system has maintained outstanding capital and liquidity levels, which up to now have allowed it to face the adverse effects associated with the pandemic.

May 5, 2021

Mexico | Monthly Report on Banking and the Financial System. May 2021

The 2020 banking dynamics of lower credit granted to the private sector and a sharp increase in banking deposits were among the causes of better financing conditions for the banking system and a higher solvency.

April 23, 2021

Mexico | The rebuilding of bank deposits towards demand deposits continues

Traditional bank deposits (sight + term) continued to grow in February, supported by the sight segment and despite the fall in the balance of time deposits during the last ten months. However, within sight deposits, there were changes in terms of their sources of growth.

April 16, 2021

Mexico | Bank credit fell 2.0% due to the performance of the consumer & business portfolio

During February 2021, the nominal balance of the current loan portfolio granted by commercial banks to the non-financial private sector fell 2.0%. The annual rate reduction in nominal balances was greater than in January (-1.3%), accentuating the downward trend observed since May 2020.