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In the last 5 years, the effect of “Mother's Day” drove the arrival of 6.5% more remittances in the month of May, compared to the trend marked by the adjacent months of April and June. In 2024, this translates into an amount close to 364 million more dollars in remittances.

This study demonstrates how expenditures between regions can be used to estimate domestic tourism, and gain further insights into its dynamics. We discuss additional use cases of the methodology, and offer suggestions on how it can be specialized for asking different types of questions.

After the start of the pandemic in the US, the Latino employed population had a more dynamic recovery, and by November 2021, 19 months after its lowest point, it had already been able to recover to its pre-pandemic levels. In contrast, the non-…

Spain must continue to offer an attractive society to ensure migratory flows that will transform the demographic structure. Immigration, like productivity growth, helps to spread the increase in pension spending due to the retirement of baby bo…

To avoid a ‘demographic winter’ scenario, Spain needs immigration. But just because it is necessary does not mean that it is sufficient, nor that it does not pose major challenges for the labor market and when it comes to social cohesion.

Remittances to Mexico fell 3.3% in March. Thus, they culminate a streak of 46 consecutive months with growth, which lasted between May 2020 and February 2024. During this period, remittances increased in annualized terms from 38.8 billion to 63.6 billion dollars, which is equivalent to a total increase of 64.1%.

Keeping up with the twin digital and green transition while coping with an aging population and the retirement of the baby boomer generation calls for the astute and successful management of migratory flows, which will drive employment from 2021.

In November 2023, remittances to Mexico had an increase of 1.2%, for the month of December it was 2.2%, during the first month of 2024 they increased by 3.1%, and the last data, which corresponds to the month of February, was of 3.7%. Thus, in …

Why was the Depp v. Heard trial held in Virginia? Both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are not residents of the state of Virginia, they do not have their tax domiciles, companies or homes in the entity and they did not spend part of their marriage …

This observatory contains the update of remittances that was presented on March 1, 2024 by the Bank of Mexico and it contains information related to the levels of poverty of the population that lived in households that received remittances, wit…

Remittance income in Colombia reached US$10,091 million in 2023 and represented 2.8% of GDP. This external income should be taken full advantage of, as it materializes in greater opportunities to cover basic expenses, pay for education and contribute to the well-being of Colombian households.

In December 2023, 5,490 million dollars in remittances entered Mexico, which represented an increase of 2.1% compared to December 2022. With this data, the total income from remittances in the country during 2023 was 63,313 million dollars, that is, + 7.6% compared to the amount received of 58,868 million dollars in 2022.