Migration latest publications

September 1, 2021

Mexico | Remittances achieve a record, and decreased people in poverty by 836,000

Remittances reach a record, 4,540 million USD during July (+28.6%). If remittance income is omitted, the volume of the population in Mexico living in poverty in 2020 would have increased by 836,000 people, and those living in extreme poverty would increase by 351,000 people.

August 2, 2021

Mexico | Remittances grew 22.4% in 2021h1, 92md came from the N.T. of Central America

In June, 4,440 million dollars (md) entered Mexico in remittances (+ 25.5%) and achieved a streak of 14 consecutive months with increases. During the 1st semester they accumulated 23,618 md, achieving an advance of 22.4% at an annual rate. 95.2% of remittances were sent from the US.

July 14, 2021

Yearbook of Migration and Remittances Mexico 2021

BBVA Research, BBVA Foundation and CONAPO book in eight chapters: 1) Global Migration, 2) International Students, 3) Mexican Emigration, 4) Human Mobilities in Mexico, 5) Migration and Health, 6) Migrant Children, 7) Remittances and 8) Fact Sheets by Federal Entity.

July 1, 2021

Mexico | Remittances are unstoppable, increased 31.0% in May, reaching a new all-time high

Remittances totaled 4,515 million USD in May. With a growth of 31.0%, they set a record in the reception of these resources. The effect of "Mother's Day" and the increase in the demand for migrant labor in the US economy are some of the factors that may explain this growth.

June 1, 2021

Mexico | Remittances surprise in April (+ 39.1%), world remittances contract 2.4% in 2020

In April 2021, 4,048 million USD entered Mexico in remittances, it is the second largest month exceeded only by March 2021. In 2020, the World Bank estimated that remittances worldwide could fall 19.9% in 2020, however, the latest estimates suggest that they only contracted 2.4%.

May 3, 2021

Mexico | In March, Remittances and Detentions of Mexican immigrants at maximum levels

In March, remittances hit a new high at 4,152 million USD. Considering the immigration encounters (apprehensions, inadmissions and expulsions) in the U.S., in March 2021, about 62,000 Mexican immigrants were detained, their highest level in a single month, possibly since the end of the last global financial recession.

April 5, 2021

In February, remittances to Mexico and several countries in LAC grew at double digits

Remittances to several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean grew at double digits during the month of February 2021: Mexico (+ 16.2% in USD), Guatemala (+ 16.7%), El Salvador (+ 13.0%), Dominican Republic (+ 27.6%) and Colombia (15.4%).

March 1, 2021

Mexico | Estimates of the flow of remittances by state for 2021

In the month of January, 3,298 million dollars arrived in remittances to Mexico (+25.8%). Remittances to Mexico could grow 7.0% and reach US $ 43.450 million in 2021. Quintana Roo, Campeche, Baja California Sur, Baja California and Tabasco could have growth in remittances of more than 16% in 2021.