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China has emerged as a global leader in the EV market. Its domestic market sales and exports value show China’s good performance in the sector. China will continue to be one of the top players in the global EV market.

The Chinese economy rebounded significantly in Q1 with 4.5% higher-than-expected growth. However, we need to pay attention to the recent deflationary pressure amid economic recovery.

2023 will be the “Year of China” after the authorities lifted “zero Covid” policy amid the global economic slowdown. How to rebuild market confidence and repair the household and enterprises’ balance sheets become the main challenges in the pos…

Although bank assets continued to expand in 2022, banks' profitability is weighed by narrowing interest margins amid a challenging operating environment. Asset risks are rising, the risks associated with the property market could exacerbate the…

China's economic indicators in January-February 2023 have significantly rebounded after the authorities lifted the "zero Covid" restrictions.

The main takeaways of this year’s “two sessions” include: 2023 growth target and other key economic targets, 2023 monetary and fiscal policy outlook and the State Council institutional reforms together with top political leadership transformation.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of industry relocation away from China is gaining momentum, at least in certain sectors. By analyzing China’s trade patterns through the lens of the global supply chain, the note attempts to identify the potential winners.

The annual “two sessions” of China will be held in the coming month, which will announce the top political leadership reshuffle and the new stimulus to support economic recovery.

The Chinese economy has experienced a bumpy recovery amid a disordered relaxation of "zero Covid" policy and a housing market adjustment. We maintain our 2022 growth projection at 3.6% while lowering 2023 GDP growth to 5.0% from 5.2%.

Chinese authorities have made a significant real estate policy turnaround from the 2021 regulatory storm to 2022 stimulus to ensure a soft-landing on the housing market.

Amid economic slowdown, recently, the authorities promulgated policy stimulus on the housing market and at the same time loosened “zero-Covid” policy restrictions to tackle these two main risks of the economy.

The Chinese economy has experienced a bumpy V-shape recovery after the Shanghai lockdown was lifted, with Q3 GDP higher than expected.