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Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 23 December 2016

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  • FSB publishes progress report on correspondent banking

Describes progress and steps taken to implement the action plan to assess and address decline in correspondent banking. Also defines a set of deliverables for 2017.

  • IOSCO publishes several documents with the aim of protecting investors

i) A document with possible regulatory approaches to mitigate risks that OTC leveraged products pose to retail investors. ii) A consultation on order routing incentives. Deadline: 21 Feb 2017 and iii) a report that monitors growing use of automated advice tools.


  • EBA on cyclicality of capital requirements

Report shows weak evidence of the existence of pro-cyclical effects of CRR / CRD IV framework and recommends retaining a risk-sensitive capital framework.

  • EBA on next stress test and supervision of significant branches

i) Decision to carry out EU-wide stress test in 2018. Includes an assessment of the impact of IFRS 9. ii) Consultation on supervision of significant branches. Deadline: 20 Mar 2017.

  • ECB consults on counterparty credit risk models

i) Draft guide on the assessment of materiality that institutions need to develop for changes or extensions to counterparty credit risk models. Deadline: 14 Feb 2017.

  • EBA on LCR and covered bonds

i) Third impact assessment report shows an average LCR in EU banks of 134% as of Dec 2015 and ii) report including a three-step approach to harmonise covered bonds in the EU.

  • ESRB launches survey on sovereign bond-backed securities

Contains 56 questions regarding the senior and junior tranche of the bonds, their potential regulatory treatment and the economics of their issue. Deadline: 27 Jan 2017.

  • EBA launched data collection for commodity derivatives firms

To support the EC in the calibration of the new prudential regime for investment firms. Covers general and financial information and prudential requirements. Deadline: 20 Feb 2017.

  • ESAs on Big Data, financial advice and qualifying holdings

i) Consult about the potential benefits and risks of Big Data for consumers and financial firms to determine whether regulatory or supervisory action is needed. ii) conclusions on automation in financial advice, and iii) revised Guidelines on prudential assessment of acquisitions and increases of qualifying holdings.

  • ESMA sets timetable for MiFID II waiver applications

Its Q&A documents set out the waiver application schedule for 2017 in order for competent authorities and ESMA to handle applications in time for 3 Jan 2018.

  • ESMA reports areas for improvement in EU CCP supervision

Identifies a number of areas where supervisory approaches differ among NCAs and includes recommendations to improve consistency in supervisory practices.

  • ESMA consults on supervision fees for trade repositories

Proposes a mixed system of levying fees on specific administrative actions and an annual fee for ongoing supervision. Deadline: 31 Jan 2017.

  • EIOPA on long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk

Report shows significant impact of these measures on the financial positions of insurers, indicating that these measures are working as intended.

  • EC implementing decision regarding regulatory equivalence published in OJEU

Supervisory and regulatory requirements applied in Turkey, New Zealand, Faroe Islands and Greenland are considered equivalent to those applied in the EU.

  • EC adopts equivalence decisions for CCPs and trading venues in ten non-EU jurisdiction

India, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan Commodities, United Arab Emirates and Dubai International Financial Centre have regulatory regimes for CCPs equivalent to the EU.


  • CNMV communicates its intention of complying with two ESMA guidelines

Final guidelines on market soundings will be applicable from 10 Jan 2017 and guidelines on disclosure of inside information from 20 Dec 2016.


  • PRA on reporting under Solvency II

Final rules regarding templates to comply with reporting requirements for entities under Solvency II.

  • The Treasury Committee consults on several aspects of recovery and resolution

The consultation covers, among other things, progress made by major UK banks and foreign economies on developing resolution and recovery plans. Deadline: 5 Mar 2017.


  • FRB on disclosure of liquidity risk metrics

Requires large banking organisations (total consolidated assets > $50 bn) to disclose consolidated LCRs on a quarterly basis.

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