Alejandro Neut
Alejandro Neut
Lead Economist

Alejandro Neut is the Lead Economist of the Digital Economy Unit, where he leads a team that advances and coordinates research on the impacts of ongoing technological transformations across economies, industries and markets.


Previously at BBVA Research, he covered global long-term analysis (Madrid), global financial markets (Madrid), the US economy (New York) and Latin American economies (Madrid). He also worked several years in Paris at the OECD Development Centre, covering Latin America and South East Asia.


Alejandro earned a PhD in Economics from MIT, as well as an M.S. in Economic Policy, and an advanced degree in Civil Engineer (M.S. equivalent in Mathematics) from Universidad de Chile. Parallel to his main line of work, he has imparted courses at Science Po and Universidad de Chile.

Latest publications

The French and German governments have published a manifesto advocating substantial industrial policy reform in the EU based on three pillars: to strengthen innovation, ensure reciprocity and review competition laws.
Since the invention of the steam engine at the end of the eighteenth century, technological innovation has been the main source of growth in developed economies. In particular, it is the key reason why today’s average Spanish worker earns eight times as much as at the beginning of the twentieth century, for one third fewer hours.
The technological development of recent decades has gradually reconfigured the labour supply and demand of existing occupations. This process is still in its infancy but allows for the intensive use of digital enhancements that will revolutionise the labour market