Alejandro Neut
Alejandro Neut
Lead Economist

Alejandro Neut is the Lead Economist of the Digital Economy Unit, where he leads a team that advances and coordinates research on the impacts of ongoing technological transformations across economies, industries and markets.


Previously at BBVA Research, he covered global long-term analysis (Madrid), global financial markets (Madrid), the US economy (New York) and Latin American economies (Madrid). He also worked several years in Paris at the OECD Development Centre, covering Latin America and South East Asia.


Alejandro earned a PhD in Economics from MIT, as well as an M.S. in Economic Policy, and an advanced degree in Civil Engineer (M.S. equivalent in Mathematics) from Universidad de Chile. Parallel to his main line of work, he has imparted courses at Science Po and Universidad de Chile.

Latest publications

Libra, Facebook's proposed global digital currency, has disappointed, with several partners abandoning the initiative and severe rejection by countless authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.
We analyze the likelihood of job automation in a sample of emerging economies: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Turkey. The average risk of automation ranges between 54% and 64. The countries show similar patterns in different aspects, such as distinctions by gender, age and education levels.
The announcement of the launch of Libra, the digital currency that Facebook plans to implement, has sparked interest, concern and, above all, great uncertainty about its viability as a business and its financial and social impact.